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  • HOW TO SELL PHYSICAL PRODUCTS ON SHOPIFY, eBAY, ETSY & ETC : Without Ever Needing To Order A Product From Overseas Countries Like China
  • ​THE SECRET OF HOW TO PAY $0 FOR PRODUCT INVENTORY:  Discover how to make profit by selling products you don't ever have to touch
  • ​PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES: How to use ads to put your business all over the internet while increasing your sales (even if you're just starting out!)
  • ​FIND YOUR MOST VALUABLE BUYERS: Learn this simple hack to get in front of your most ideal customers AND drive them to champion your brand (even if you have NO following or online presence!)
  • E-COMMERCE IS CHANGING, DON'T GET LEFT BEHIND: I explain why print on demand is the future of  e-commerce and why other gurus are selling you the dream

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About The Host Instructor

Since 2017 Malcom Muguku has been heavily involved within the world of e-commerce. After figuring out how to run a successful e-commerce platform through  print on demand, Malcom  is on a mission to empower aspiring entrepreneurs.

Malcom believes that online gurus are teaching up-and-coming entrepreneurs the wrong way to approach dropshipping. He believes that the days of dropshipping cheap cookie cutter products from China are long gone. Instead, Malcom believes entrepreneurs should be working towards building a brand based of custom products. 

  In his leisure time, Malcom enjoys traveling the world and spending time with friends and family. Vantage Academy has generated success for many enrolled students and has been featured on On NBC, FOX, CBS and etc

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